Hours for Thursday 2/7

3p to 7p.
First: we go to class, second: we open the shop and third: we go to Muses to see the awesomeness (OMG 9th Ward Marching Band!).
Bikes leave from the shop at 7 to hang out by the Circle Bar. We put booze in our backpack and ask the bartenders at Circle to make us the most disgusting drink they can. It’s tradition!

Carnival Hours 2013

Ooh baby – our hours are about to get something funky:
Tuesday 1/29: 2:30PM – 8PM (due to 10,000 Small Businesses class)
Wednesday 1/30: 11AM – 7PM
Thursday 1/31: 11AM – 7PM
Friday 2/1: 11AM – 9PM (with special appearances by some of our neighbors/artisans from 5PM-9PM)
Saturday 2/2: 11AM – 7PM
Sunday 2/3: 12PM -6PM
Monday 2/4: 12PM – 6PM
Tuesday 2/5: 11AM – 7PM
Wednesday 2/6: 11AM – 7PM
Thursday 2/7: HOURS PENDING (business classes & Muses, oh my!)
Friday 2/8: 11AM – 7PM
Saturday 2/9: 11AM – 7PM
Sunday 2/10: 12PM – 6PM
Monday 2/11 (Lundi Gras): 10AM – 2PM
Tuesday 2/12: HAPPY MARDI GRAS! We’re closed.
Wednesday 2/13: 12PM – 6PM (FYI – the next day is Valentine’s Day, girls like presents)

Lee Kyle

We’re so excited that Lee Kyle was included in the August WISH section of the Times-Pic.  If you are looking for custom orders, please give us a call at 504-948-9987 or email info@boncastor.com.  We usually have some of his pillows in stock as well, come on by and take a look-see.


dog days of summer.

Wowza.  Today is the beginning of Month 6 and we’ve decided to embrace multi-platform social media.  Trust me – Facebook is still the best for daily updates.  I think we’ll use the website for more ‘day in the life’ stories.

This is Desiree and her person.  They come every day between 4 and 6 pm. to get treats (I will feed your dog hippie treats from the co-op).  Desi is a 13 year old Basenji and a favorite part of my day.  I can hear her panting about 1/2 a block away and then I have to pick up the jar of treats and feed her half a cookie.  If I give her the whole thing – she won’t leave.  While I would be thrilled to keep her, I’d go broke keeping up with her appetite.  So her person gets the other half of the cookie and they’re on their way.  It’s 5 minutes of joy and I get updates on her person’s fabulous life (tonight she’s going to the wedding of a Saint’s player!).

I have many other dog friends that come into the shop, but none as dedicated.  When I hear that panting coming down the street I know that I need to be on my game.  Desiree demands it – and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

i want to look this good when i’m 91.



thank you | thank you | thank you

It has been an amazing 1st month here at the shop! Better than we ever dreamed!
If you are just finding us, please check out our Facebook page – we’re much more technically capable on that front (www.facebook.com/boncastor

stella does this better than I do.

). Our little ‘hood is poppin’ – come visit when you can!


We’ve been open for a little over a week and we’re still a bit of a work in progress (Grand Opening Party on 3/10!).  May I recommend the Facebook Page?  There’s a fabulous link to your right.  Twitter is also used on occasion – @bon_castor.

If you are interested in becoming a vendor – please do not hesitate to shoot an e-mail to info@boncastor.com or give the store a call at 504-948-9987.  We’re here 11-7 Tuesday – Saturday and 12-6 Sunday.  Thanks for visiting and come see us in person soon!